Photos of Gas Drilling:

"Fly 30 miles in any direction in the Rocky Mountain West, and you see oil and gas drilling rigs and wells and the network of roads that accompany them. It's out of control."
Bruce Gordon, pilot

Aerial view of Jonah Basin, near Pinedale, Wyoming

Drill rig in operation

Fowler gas well, Alabama

Well flaring on well behind homes.

Flaring Pit.

Drilling water discharge from Wyoming well.

Aerial View of a coal bed methane drill rig

Surface oil slick

Aerial view of Waste Pit.

Aerial View of Coal-bed Methane Pilot well, Mat-su Valley

Morgan Flare Pit

Gas Drilling Operations and Destruction in the Silt Area, Colorado (by EnCana, a Canadian company):

We know that every day there are accidents in the field. Just look at the COGC Commissions' reports.

Peggy Utesch, Grand Valley Citizen's Alliance, New Castle, Colorado

Pockmarked (lunar-type) landscape south of Silt, Colorado.

GMR Miller holding pond south of Silt, Colorado

Drilling activity in rural Colorado south of Silt

Well and well pad construction

Towering drill rig next to private home south of Silt, Colorado

Large well pad south of Silt, Colorado

After our Baca community heard about the proposed gas drilling, we sent an investigative team to the area south of Silt to see what gas drilling does to people and the environment there

(Archives-2: My Articles and Reports Related to Proposed Gas Drilling)

Peggy Utesch of Grand Valley Citizen's Alliance was our tour guide. Peggy lived south of Silt and lost her health and her home after EnCana put a gas well right next to her house.

Aspen glycol south of Silt, Colorado

EnCana Oil and Gas (a Canadian, not American Company!) sign in rural Colorado south of Silt.

Drill rigs in rural areas south of Silt, Colorado.

The Meese Ranch near Silt, Colorado with drill rig in back yard.

Drill rig in your backyard!

Torn pit liner of evaporation pond.

Pit liner/evaporation pond south of Silt.

Drill rig in rural area south of Silt, Colorado

Big hauling rigs, south of Silt, Colorado

The dust from big hauling rigs.

On well pad.

"Pig" of gas pipeline

"Fracking cars"

Magnall rig. You too could have a gas drill rig in your yard!

Well pad in rural area south of Silt, Colorado

Well Pad

Finally, (doctored images) of what Lexam would like to See and Do to Our San Luis Valley, BNWR, and Great Sand Dunes National Park:

Doctored image of gas drill rig ON the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Lexam's photo of gas drill rig in the mountains